A Great Quote

I get these daily inspirational e-mails, and sometimes they really hit me.  If it’s a really inspirational one, I might print it out and tack it up where I can see it.  Today, however, I saw one that made more sense for my heroine Lex, who overthinks everything.  “Stop making life so difficult and stop being so uptight.”  The rest of the quote perfectly describes my hero, who is her opposite.

Here’s the quote:  


I highly recommend signing up for The Daily Motivator; it’s great!


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One Response to “A Great Quote”

  1. nada madison Says:

    Hi. I follow you on twitter, meamadison. Saw your link, and just checked out your quote for the day. Funny one of your clips was like deja vu, I swear I’ve been down that same winter track on a snowmobile as a child. Anyway, it was a nice quote. I have a blog with short stories and other provokative, dynamic and informative information on relationships, sexuality, bipolar, faith etc. http://www.jadecommunique.com.

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