Trying to weave it all together

I’m getting close, very close, to the climax of my book.  My hero and heroine have finally resolved (for the moment) their relationship, and they now have several important tasks to complete. 

Suddenly the various threads of the story has led us all here.  Suddenly, it’s as if someone threw all of those threads to me and said, “Here, weave this all together, would you?”  Plus I KNOW that the climax CAN be incredible, it’s just going to take a lot of work to make it that way.  I want to write a book that’s hard to put down, especially at this point in the story.

Thanks to my #1 and #2 readers for their feedback and encouragement.  I was actually tackled by #2 last night when I wouldn’t let her read the next chapter yet.  And #1 suggested I add one more delicious scene between my heroine and my comic relief character, which I think is working!


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