Tips for Doing It All

I find myself trying to “do it all” more than ever these days.  Motherhood, of course, comes first, and at my stage of life that means hockey games, sleepovers, school performances, being the Girl Scout leader, and orchestra concerts, as well as homework, staying up late enough for your son to let his guard down and talk to you, seeing the New Moon premiere at midnight, and so forth.

Being a wife is also an important but time-consuming job.  Forgive me if I don’t go into too much detail there.

This weekend I’m also trying to be a good daughter, a good aunt/great aunt, and a good cook for Thanksgiving. 

Not to mention working fulltime as a writer and strategist, with my own marketing communications consulting business.  That’s very important also.

But I’ll tell you a secret — the thing I want MOST to do right now is to find a quiet hour or two and keep plugging away on the edit of my first novel.  I have resisted picking it up for DAYS, and have only played around with one chapter of Book II for several days as well.

NOW – my house is tidy, my silver is polished, my groceries will soon be bought, my Girl Scouts will soon have gone horseback riding in the woods tomorrow, and my Thanksgiving dinner will soon enough (on Thursday) be on the table, be consumed and be put away as leftovers.

Then, I am promising myself, I will edit at least one chapter before turning to my Christmas shopping, which I’ve only just started.  ARRRGGGGHHHH.  It is enough to make a person go insane, or just give up.

But, being the positive person I try to be, I’m thankful for such a full life, and thankful that such a fascinating and enjoyable story will be waiting for me to dive back in once I have the time.  I’ll try not to wish away the rest of my life while I wait.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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One Response to “Tips for Doing It All”

  1. Lis Garrett Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been sneaking in “revision time” during any free moment I can. It’s a compulsion, isn’t it? But, alas, I have to take somewhat of a break for the holidays. LOL!

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