About Allyria

Lex, the narrator of Allyria, is a mess.  A 17-year-old with clinical depression and obsessive compulsive disorder, she’s consumed with self-doubt and incapable of even the simplest task. When she learns her improbable family secret–that she’s supposed to help save Allyria, a mysterious other world–she refuses to believe and tries to run.  But she can’t outrun her fate.

Transported to that violent but beautiful world, far from cell phones and hand sanitizer, Lex will have to draw upon inner talents she didn’t know she had.  She must trust her guide, the disturbingly grungy but handsome warrior Ash, for whom she experiences a growing attraction, as she seeks the key to defending the country of Allyria from a ruthless enemy.  Allyria is the story of a fragile but surprisingly resilient girl who must overcome her inner obsessions to save the world while saving herself.


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    […] By allyriabookauthor My beta reader’s circle has been widened for my #1 novel Allyria, and I’m starting to get tweets and e-mails from friends who are reading […]

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