They’re reading my manuscript!

I have made some big steps in getting the story of Ash and Lex to the printed page in the last week.  I gave my “first reader” up to page 149 in book I.  I was nervous to meet with her the next day, but had a wonderful discussion over lunch and was gratified to learn that she has picked up my themes and seems really into the story.   So the next day I brought in 30 more pages for her; I would have brought more but I was totally out of paper for the printer.  She tweeted me late in the evening desperate because I had cut her off in the middle of a sentence.  I bought paper and took in up to page 200 the next day.  She tweeted me that night that she was really anxious to keep reading.  I took this as a very good sign!

Emboldened by this success, I gave all 200 pages to my sister, whose daughter is a brand new literary agent.  My sister is on page 159 and is also very complimentary.  I know that neither of my first reviewers is reading to critique, but their enthusiasm is really fueling my passion to keep going.  If only I had more time!


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